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Horses for sale – FREE LISTINGS!

Facebook is shutting us down, folks. It’s a total drag, but SecondRider is here for you. We have expanded our listings categories on our all NEW website to include horses for sale! And the best news is: it’s FREE! Add pictures, and links to video at no cost. Really. Comment, like, share to social media, and of course contact sellers directly.

Tag your post with searchable meta data (discipline, for example) and reach a wider audience.

Contact us at with any questions.

Happy listing!

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HELP! My pictures appear upside down.

My pictures are upside down, or sideways when I upload them into the system to my new classified listing, but when I look at them in windows explorer on my computer, they look fine! What gives?

The Problem:

When I upload my picture into Second Rider classifieds for my listing, it appears upside down or sideways, in spite of the fact that in windows explorer when I preview the picture, it seems fine.

The Solution:

Before uploading your picture, follow these steps. Navigate to its location in windows explorer, and right click on it. Hover over "Open with" and then select "Paint". After the picture is opened in Paint, confirm that the orientation is how you want it to be. If it is NOT, then click on "Rotate" and select the appropriate rotate direction from the drop down menu. 

Once you have confirmed that all looks as it should, click "File - Save As" and save a copy of your picture to your computer. This copied image is what…

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Read THIS before posting your listing!


Before you post your item for sale on, make sure you do this ONE THING:

When creating your account with us, your login email address MUST BE THE SAME as your PayPal address in order to get paid for your sales! If the addresses don't match, then your buyer will have no way to get you the money for your sale.

PHEW! Glad we caught you before you listed!

Now, read our tips for posting a memorable classified HERE.

Happy listing!

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