5 Steps for a classified ad that SELLS.

When listing your equestrian item for sale at Second Rider, your main goal is to SELL! With that in mind, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure your item presents well in your classified and is easy for your potential customers to make a decision to BUY.

Step 1 – CLEAN your ITEM!

Your item must be CLEAN, wrinkle free (for clothing), oiled and scrubbed (for tack, boots, chaps, etc.)! We know this sounds terribly basic and common sense – but you’d be surprised! We are all horse people here, but nobody wants to see your dirt on their potentially “new” item. It’s that simple!

Step 2 – Pictures

Take good, thorough pictures! Another “duh”, right? But here’s the deal, consider setting up a small studio in your home or barn that is well lit and has a nice generic background. Like a blank wall, or a table covered with a light colored sheet. You don’t want to have any distractions that will take your buyers eyes away from the item you are trying to sell in your classified. If there is clutter, the buyer will probably make assumptions about your listing, and might decide not to hit the “Buy Now” button. The reality is, with a bit of extra planning you can make your classified listing pop out, and look more appealing and professional than others thereby increasing your chance for a SOLD!

Step 3 – Measurements

Another key to a successful classified is making sure you provide good measurements for your item – whether its apparel or tack. Invest in a $3-$5 yard stick, and this strategy will be easy as pie. By layering in the yard stick to your actual classified listing photos, you make it easy for your potential buyers to decide if the clothing is going to fit them, or the tack is going to fit their horse. Sometimes with clothing that is used and has been washed, the sizing on the tag is not entirely accurate or trustworthy anymore. By providing measurements you are giving your potential buyers peace of mind for their purchase.

Step 4 – Description & Details

This step is an important one to set your classified apart from others. The more details you can provide in the description to entice buyers, the better. Provide a brief history of time for tack items especially, when you bought it, how heavily has it been used, when was the last time it was inspected by a professional, etc. For clothing, you will want to point out any areas where the stitching is loose, or marks and stains. Often times a quick search of the brand name and title of the clothing or tack item will yield a great result from the manufacturer. Simply insert a line that says “notes from the manufacturer” and then copy and paste the description from their site. Voila! Your classified description is complete!

Step 5 – Follow Up!

Lastly, once your classified ad is live on www.secondrider.com, you will want to be sure to stay on top of any inquiries regarding your listing. People want to know that you are responsive and willing to answer their questions so that they maintain high confidence throughout the sale. Remember – even if you are only selling one item – you are building your personal brand!

Happy listing!

August 6, 2019 11:28 pm